Leasing of special construction equipment will allow you to quickly form your own fleet of bulldozers, excavators and construction cranes.

It's a great opportunity to regularly update and expand your fleet, not withdrawing proper funds from the turnover.

Leasing of commercial vehicles from world manufacturers.

We offer to lease of equipment for various sectors of the national economy.

  • You need to determine the subject of leasing and send us a completed questionnaire.
  • Next, you need to familiarize yourself with the commercial offer from our company and prepare a package of documents (scanned copies).
  • Having received a set of documents, our financial analysts will have analyzed it and then they will have made a conclusion about the possibility of financing your company.
  • Then we will make a decision on financing a leasing deal.
  • We will make the final calculation of lease payments, on the basis of which a set of documents will be prepared on the transaction: leasing contract, supply agreement, invoices for payment and invoices for payment of insurance premium.
  • Then you need to pay a deposit, a transaction commission and an insurance premium (based on billed invoices).
  • Next, we'll pay the supplier an advance or the full cost of the leased asset, depending on the terms of the supply contract.
  • Finally, you receive the object of leasing after the supplier is ready to ship it.
  • Actual activity for at least one year
  • Sufficient monthly revenue for making lease payments
  • Good business reputation
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